(Men’s Dry Skin)

Mens’ Dry Skin is something that plagues so many… but none quite as much as Calgarian men! Our weather here is pretty crazy and the dry climate doesn’t do anyone’s skin any favours. If you are a guy who has noticed that your face seems to always look and feel pretty dry then you need to figure out a game plan asap! We’re sure you have started to look into moisturizers but sometimes they aren’t enough to get your skin hydrated enough to reverse some of the damage. We suggest coming to see our experts and we will put together a treatment plan to give your face a head start so that when you go back home to your moisturizers… they’ll be able to maintain our results! Call or Text us today and let’s set up your free consultation!

Rates for this massage:
30 minutes $55.00
60 minutes $85.00

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